Terms and Conditions 1) Group One Ltd and its employees make every effort to return a console by requested return date. Due to the nature of some repairs, this is not always possible. Group One Ltd. and its employees shall not be held responsible if return date can not be met. It is the customers responsibility to rent and pay for a backup console if needed during the time period a console is at Group One Ltd.  for repair. 2) To minimize the loss of articles (key, IEC cable, storage disk, etc.), we ask that all such items be removed from package before shipping. However, upon receiving your repair, a list stating the contents of mailed package will be emailed to customer. Any and all discrepancies of contents must be stated within 48 hours of receiving this contents email. 3) Products are repaired in the order they are received. If you need to rush your repair, please contact us at 682-AVO-TEAM to discuss prior to shipping. The email with listed contents is an indication that your product was received and checked-in, not that repair work has started. 4) All repair invoices require full payment before product ships back to customer.  Items left for more than 90 days will be considered abadoned and will be sold to recover repair costs and storage fees of $250 per month.

Labor Rate is $135 per hour, 2 hour minimum for cleaning and evaluation

Avolites Console Repair Policy and Return Form

For issues or parts orders/ information contact Phone: 682-AVO-Team or Avolitesupport@g1limited.com

Shipping address:  6510 Millertown Pike Knoxville, TN 37924

Avolites US 

Repair Form

A copy of this completed form must accompany the console.

Place serial number of console in large letters on the outside of the case.