Avolites Avokey
Counterfeiting is a major threat to innovation and creativity in our industry. Developing software licensing and encryption is not something that excites us, but as we must regularly change our passwords and lock our doors, it is vital we protect our IP. To do this, we have introduced the AvoKey. The AvoKey is a USB dongle that plugs into your console or laptop and allows you to upgrade to Titan v12 and above or Ai v11 and above.

What types of AvoKey are there?

There are three different types of AvoKey:

Editor Key

Silver AvoKey that plugs into any laptop to unlock v12 and above simulator and v12 on your old Titan One. 

Needed for:

Titan One - Below SN T1-20001,

V12 and above Simulator
Part Number: 31-30-0022

Internal AvoKey 

Red AvoKey that plugs into your console  Additional cables may be required for your console.

To find out more, please check the AvoKey selection guide below.    

Needed for:

Quartz - SN below QTZ-03001

Pearl Expert (must have pro upgrade) - All SN's

Tiger Touch (must have pro upgrade) or Tiger Touch II - SN below TT-05001

Arena - SN below AR-01001

Sapphire Touch SN below ST-01001

Titan Net Processor SN below TNP-01001

Part Number: 31-30-0021

Please have console Serial Number ready when making your purchase

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For more information on the AvoKey as well as install guides please visit this page:

External AvoKey 

Silver AvoKey that plugs into your laptop to access v12 and above on your Titan Mobile.    

Needed for:

Titan Mobile - Serial Number Below TM-05001

Ai Upgrade ( please contact support before purchase) 
Part Number: 31-30-0020